The Re-Sole is the culmination of over two decades of practice in the skill of sneaker customization. Takiyah "TDUB" Ward is the brain behind this effort and hopes to create much needed  space for sneaker enthusiasts. 

Takiyah has studied the art of customizing, cleaning and restoring, for over 20 years and will finally share her wealth of knowledge through The Re-Sole. She spends most of her day researching the latest trends in custom design, products, accessories and the resell market. It is important to her that the service she provides be the best, and that The Re-Sole is a place where people feel safe bringing their most coveted collection and ideas to life!

tdub with shoe

"You see a lot of sneaker boutiques around but none like this. This will be the new pit stop for sneaker lovers of all kind."

The art of sneaker customizing has been around forever. But more recently there's been a surge in people gaining interest in one of a kind "wearable art". Even athletes are getting in on the fun. As street fashion becomes more mainstream, the sneaker being its staple footwear continues to gain momentum. 

The sneaker industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. And like all industries, its under scrutiny for its sustainability practices. The goal of The Re-Sole is to help add life to footwear and create opportunities for these items to appreciate in value over longer periods of time. 


"It's up to us to change the way we consume, The Re-Sole is a checkpoint for footwear to regain value and 'wearability'."

Caring for your shoes is caring for your wallet, is caring for your feet, and for the planet. The Re-Sole is an experience curated to aide in reframing our relationship to what we wear and how we care for it. 

tdub face w shoe